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is usually on or around Easter Saturday which, this year, was April 19.
For a complete list of BunnyCon events, checkout the calendar below.

BunnyCon 2014 - coming to a wonderland near you

2014 BunnyCon Event Calendar

Country City State Date
USCincinnatiOHSat, Apr 19
USDallasTXFri, Apr 18
USDetroitMISat, Apr 12
USFairbanksAKSat, Apr 19
USGreensboroNCSat, Apr 19
USHobokenNJSat, Apr 12
USJuneauAKFri, Apr 18
USModestoCAFri, Apr 11
USNew YorkNYSun, Apr 20
USNewportKYSat, Apr 19
USPortlandORSat, Apr 12
USRaleighNCSat, Apr 19
USSalt Lake CityUTtba
USSan FranciscoCAtba
USSavannahGASat, Apr 19
USSeattleWASat, Apr 19
CAVancouverBCSat, Mar 22
USVirginia BeachVASun, Apr 20
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What is BunnyCon?

(clue: It's for adults)
BunnyCon is something like Halloween which means you must dress-up in some kind of bunny-related costume.
Sexy bunny girl costumes are popular and always appreciated (especially when worn by sexy bunny girls) but you can let your imagination run wild and any kind of Easter costume will do the trick. See photos from past events to get a better idea of what BunnyCon looks like.
It's based on similar principles to SantaCon but, because (hopefully) the weather is better around Easter, we can be much sexier (if that's even possible).
So we have guys & girls dressed-up in various bunny costumes & other bunny-themed guises playing games and going to bars & clubs for no reason other than it's fun.
We have a few guidelines for BunnyCon but nothing that isn't common sense.


(how BunnyCon got started)
The first Greensboro BunnyCon was Easter 2009. We'd had so much fun at SantaCon that we couldn't wait an entire year for it to come round again. So we decided to organize BunnyCon (and then PirateCon).

Easter 2014

(Easter 2015, origins of Easter etc.)
The Easter date changes each year and you can find out all about it on Wikipedia. This & next year's dates are:
Sunday, April 20th, 2014
Sunday, April 5th, 2015

The Easter Bunny

( = cool )
Once again, detailed info is on Wikipedia but the key thing you've got to know about the Easter Bunny is that he likes to party!

Links (randomized)... has no connection with Playboy or Hugh Hefner (although we are fans).